Donald Alexander

Skill Set

Customer Service, Management, Tutor, Teacher, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, MySQL, SQLite, Drupal, Apache, Sendmail, MercuryMail, Bind DNS, Microsoft Office, GNU binutils, Mathematics


Associates of Applied ScienceMetropolitan Community College, May 2009

Computer programming, database management, business administration; Awarded highest honors, Trailblazer, Phi Theta Kappa, GPA 4.0, Student Leadership Award, Commencement Speaker, featured in Kansas City Star "Student Success"

Associates of Engineering, Metropolitan Community College, May 2010

Preparation for transfer to MIT

InternshipMetropolitan Community College, February 2009 - May 2009

Maintain and update college website at, resolved over the phone technical support issues, presented comparison of 28 content management systems; contributed to web phase 2 for redesign of the college website

Work Experience

Freelance IT, 1999 - Present

Duild, design, troubleshoot and repair custom computers; design and deploy several websites; manage multiple email servers, web servers, and database servers; Design, setup and administrate networks; setup LANs for online gamers; Teach college students in C++, security, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Database design and administration, Microsoft Office

Lab SpecialistMetropolitan Community College, March 2012 - Present

Train adults with zero computer experience to bring them to a basic level of compentency with email, browsing and searching, Microsoft Office, social media, security and privacy, and digital devices.

TutorMetropolitan Community College, May 2007 - March 2012

Tutored college students in all computer science classes offered by the college including: Cisco networking, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, network administration, security, hardward, C++, Java, Web design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Microsoft Office, MySQL and Access

SeafoodMcKeever's Price Chopper, June 2008 - Present

Sales, customer service, setup displays, inventory, restocking, manage production, scheduling, orders, training, database updates

Additional Work Experience

OperatorSouthwestern Bell Telephone Co. / AT&T, May 1989 - September 2006

Awarded "Creative Achievement" for creation of statewide office newsletter, served on several steering committees, designed web site to showcase work of steering committees, assisted with computer updates, 18 year perfect safety record, assist in Nor-Tel software updates to consoles, participated in several steering committees, trained operators in federal complience and procedures, created intranet to showcase work of steering committees


AdvisorMetropolitan Community College, May 2009 2010

Streamlined the Associates of Computer Science degree; assisted Student Life and Leadership; featured in questions and answers panels for non-traditional students;

PresidentPhi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, 2007-2009

Chapter president and also Missouri Regional President over 25 chapters; awarded "Continuing Excellence," the highest honor in the society; showcased the on-campus recycling program by creating displays and promotional video, increased recycling by 200%, formed multi-chapter recycling program; increased active membership by 300%; created scholarships to assist members to attend conferences; created training sessions for officers and committee chairs, increased fundraising by $2,000

Sensi, Blue River Martial Arts Club, June 2008-May 2014

Teach adults Okinawan karate in context of contemporary self-defense laws

Head TeacherIndependence Christian Center, 1991-June 2008