G++ 5.2.0 on Windows using MinGW and Code::Blocks

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Recently I've been frustrated by the lack of availability of regex on the GCC compilers on Windows. I don't want to pull in the full Cygwin support. However MinGW support for GCC seems to have stopped at G++ 4.8, just short of regex support.

Although I really wanted the official MinGW.org website to have the newest build, I instead finally had to resort to 3rd party releases. Stephan T. Lavavej's personal website, http://nuwen.net/, has been releasing updated G++ for MinGW since 2010, and now has the newest available G++ 5.2.0 on Windows.


The Humans vs. Bots Online War

Here's the main problem with spam:

It works.

If people would stop clicking on the advertising links in the spam that's posted in email, on forums, in chats, in online games, and everywhere else spammers annoy the general public, then there would be no motivation for spammers to create spamming robots.


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I've been asked what my definition of "love" is. Unfortunately in the English language, many things are called "love" and to help define this, I'll refer back to a language which uses several words, namely Greek, to help define how I see love.

Welcome to my website

Karate Penguin

For those who visit my website, you'll notice I've redesigned my site from scratch.

Recently I've realized I need to make my playground here look quite a bit more polished, and to make that happen I decided to rebuild from the ground up.
Keep watching, I hope to be able to eventually have one of the top designed sites on the web.

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